Contact us about catering your next event!

We would like to discuss your catering needs.  Here is a list of our most popular items.  Send us the attached contact form with your request and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Chips with Salsa (Chile de Arba, Ranchera), Queso or Guacamole  Serves 5   $35.00          Serves 10   $70

Flautas Mexicanas (3 per serving) Chicken or potato comes with cream, pico de gallo lechera, and salsa.
Serves 5   $39.00          Serves 10   $75

Platters with rice and beans

Your choice of beef chicken, shrimp
Serves 5   $55.00   Serves 10  $99.00

Taco Bar
Comes with hard or soft tacos, and choice of meats:  carnitas, barabcoa, chicken, ground beef, steak, or cheese.
Serves 5  $45.00     Serves 10   $85.00

Choice of chicken, beef, chorizo, carnitas, barbacoa
Serves 5  $45.00     Serves 10   $85.00

Tamales (2 per serving)
Comes with rice and beans
Serves 5  $45.00     Serves 10   $85.00

Carnitas Dinner
Comes with rice and beans
Serves 5  $49.00     Serves 10   $98.00

Burritos Bravos
Comes with rice and beans, onions, cilantro, red salsa, and filled with meat:  chicken, chorizo, asada, carnitas.
Serves 5  $42.00     Serves 10   $80.00

Mole Poblano Mexicano Dinner
100% home-made mole chocoate salsa.  Chicken breast served with rice and beans.

Serves 5  $45.00     Serves 10   $89.99