"What a diamond in the rough!   Its been said several times by others, but the salsa bar rules; lots of tasty spice available.

I ordered an enchilada style steak burrito and it tasted great.  Just the right amount of spice to really feel it, but not have the meal turn into a work of labor.   Had a tamale as well, and it was also way tasty.

I used to go to El Loro for my mexican cravings during lunch, but i think this will be my new spot from now on!'
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We Deliver!

We offer neighborhood delivery of all our menu items. Please call to check if you are in our delivery area.

"New little mexican joint opened up where my old fave pho / spring roll place used to be - after advertising for $1 tacos and $5 burritos I finally stopped in.

They have a nice little salsa bar in the middle of the restuarant.
I would recommend this as more of a to-go only type place as its definitely not overly inviting as far as the interior - but it wasn't before either.

The tacos are $1.50 and they have an assortment - most I wasn't sure what they were - need to brush up on my spanish!  I ordered 2 chicken tacos and my compatriot ordered a burrito - all the food was quite excellent.

Only issue was at first they thought I ordered 2-3 chicken burritos?  Not sure how that worked. . .and i ended up getting 3 tacos because I wasn't quite following what she was saying - whatever - it was an extra buck and they tacos are little and delicious.

I like the avocado cilantro salsa A LOT - like I could drink gallons of it, but wasn't really digging the pico de gallo there - and that's usually my fave - could use a little sumpthin' sumpthin' in it!"
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